Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron (1-1/4 inch) by Conair

Are you looking for a new curling iron? If so, then you should consider the Infiniti Pro Curling Iron by Conair. This curling iron was developed by manufacturer Conair, who has six decades of industry experience in creating innovative beauty products. Infiniti Pro makes your hair shiny and smooth while protecting your locks from damage. It heats up in an ultra-fast 15 seconds and features 30 individual heat settings.

Here’s why you should consider this curling iron. The Infiniti Pro flat iron is effective in reducing your hair’s frizz/flyaways while you curl your hair. It has a fast 15-second heat-up time and a top heat level of 455-degrees Fahrenheit. The curling iron also features a super smooth working surface, 30 heat settings and a safety auto-off switch

Frizzy hair is one of the most common hair problems people experience along with split ends, dullness and dandruff. Most curling irons, due to their high temperatures, actually cause more hair damage than they prevent. Conair’s Infiniti Pro is different, as it uses a safe, low-heat level and Argan oil to help condition your hair as it straightens or curls, preventing damage.

What Is the Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Iron?

Model Number                                         CS76

Dimensions                                               2.5 x 13.9 x 5.4 inches

Weight                                                        1.13 pounds

Material                                                       Ceramic

This curling iron is manufactured by Conair Corporation, a company founded in 1959. This US company manufactures various other personal care products.


The Infiniti Pro Flat Iron conditions and revitalizes hair strands as it straightens and styles your hair locks. It heats up very quickly and with 30 heat settings, it’s easy to control the required heat to give a perfect job without damaging your hair. It also has an auto-off safety feature and comes with the bonus Argan Oil to vitalize your hair.

Ceramic Plates

This model’s ceramic-coated plates help to reduce the amount of the frizz effect, as they condition your hair. This is because the ceramic material ensures even heat and easier temperature control avoiding the possibility of heat damage to your hair strands. It also has the advantage of releasing negative ions that do not damage your hair, unlike regular metal curling irons.

Heat Settings

This Conair curling iron includes 30 heat settings allowing you to achieve a large variety of hairstyles.

It allows you to select the perfect setting based on your hair type. For example, low heat (below 200 degrees) is ideal for fine or fragile hair. A setting of 200-300-degrees would be best if you have thick or coarse hair. However, you should never use temperatures over 400-degrees as this will damage all types of hair.  


The Infiniti Pro needs just 15 seconds to heat. This is a major plus when in a hurry or doing a major restyling. The unit includes an instant heat recovery system. If the power goes out or the curling iron is unplugged the unit’s heat is recovered automatically when reconnected.


This safety feature turns off the unit automatically if it’s left on by accident. This is critical as the high temperature could cause a fire hazard. Even if you’re very careful when using personal care products there’s still a chance you could forget to switch off the unit if you’re in a hurry.

Argan Oil Fusion

This curling iron comes with a 24 oz. bonus pack of Argan Oil. This helps to provide conditioning and damage protection while using the curling iron. This plant oil is made from Argan tree kernels. This tree is indigenous to Morocco and is commonly used as a hair tonic and is similar to Olive Oil.

​​​​Benefits of Conair Infiniti Pro

The Conair Infiniti Pro curling air provides several benefits including:


This is the 1/1-4 version of the Infiniti Pro. However, it’s also available in both a smaller version (1-inch) and the larger version (1-3/4-inch). Depending on whether you would like to form looser or tighter curls.

Another key feature that offers versatility is Infiniti Pro’s 30 heat settings. The highest setting is 455 degrees F. although experts recommend not using 400+ degree settings.

This allows more versatility based on your hair type. For example, if you have fine/brittle hair, then you should consider temperatures in the under-200 degree F. range. If you have thicker hair, then 200 to 300 degrees F. is an average range.

Efficient Straightening or Curling

Various features of the Infiniti Pro provide this feature. It heats up in just 15 seconds, so you can start using the unit soon after switching it on. The time you save means you can finish straightening or styling your hair faster.

The high-quality ceramic plates distribute the heat more evenly than glass or metal plates. This allows you to work quicker as the hair flows more evenly, improving the finished result while saving time and energy.

The 30 heat settings give far better control, making the curling iron easier to use and more energy efficient.

Excellent Value

One reason the Infiniti Pro has received generally good reviews is the value it provides. The unit is in the lower price range, so you won’t have to invest a large amount. The Conair Infiniti Pro curling iron is a quality product made with high-grade components to provide a long service life.

The key is to use and maintain it properly to get the best performance and prolong its working life. As always, read the instruction manual and follow the instructions.

Nont-Metal/Glass Plates

The main function of non-metal flat irons is to style your hair either by straightening or curling it and at the same time help reduce frizzy or flyaway hair The Infiniti Pro is able to style hair quickly and efficiently. However, because of its ceramic plates, it’s also able to condition and revitalize your hair.

Ceramic plates do not cause hot spots like metal or glass plates that can damage the hair strands. They allow your hair to flow evenly as it glides over hair strands, making styling your hair quicker and easier.

In addition, ceramic plates help to lock in your hair’s moisture, allowing it to look natural and lively while preventing it from drying out. Overdrying hair can cause the color to fade and the strands to become brittle adding to hair loss.

Ceramic Plates

Here are some of the main benefits of Infiniti Pro’s ceramic plates:


The plates are nearly 30% longer vs. the standard 85mm plates of curling irons. This provides a few key benefits including wider heat distribution and faster straightening/curling.

Smoother Surface

The plate surface is three times smoother than other ceramic coatings. This allows the plates to glide over your locks faster. That in turns helps to prevent damage and also makes your straightening/styling faster.

Floating Plate

The floating plate allows much better control with smoother operation and helps you work quickly so the heat does not adversely affect the individual strands.

The key is for the plates to be able to move enough so the two sides can clamp your hair properly, resulting in a much more even and professional looking job.

Argan Oil

The Infiniti Pro comes with 25 full ounces of Argan Oil that originates from a tree native to Morocco. It is well known for its beautifying properties, especially on the skin and hair.

It’s believed Argan Oil can eliminate frizzy hair and restore your hair after it's been damaged by air pollution and strong chemicals. The oil can also boost hair elasticity, helping to reduce breakage.

When using Argan Oil for cosmetic purposes, it’s important to use natural cold pressed oil to ensure you get all the benefits it can provide.


Conair’s Infiniti Pro curling iron is one of several units offered in the global hair care industry worth nearly $88 billion (2018). It provides outstanding value considering it’s low price tag.

Infiniti Pro offers fast and efficient hair straightening/styling. The unit heats up in 15 seconds, so you can start using it quickly.

The 30 heat settings allow you to use the curling iron on different hair types from fine to thick. You can also use the settings to sculpt different hairstyles.

The Auto-off feature prevents damage when the curling iron is accidentally left on. The longer ceramic plates make curling or straightening your hair faster and more efficient.

The included bonus of Argan Oil helps to revitalize and condition hair strands, restoring their natural smooth and shiny appearance.

Related Questions

What is the best curling iron for beginners?

If you’re a hair-styling newbie then you should pick a unit that has key features for curling hair. Most important features include the curl’s size and shape.

Why do curling irons damage hair?

Curling irons can damage hair due to the high heat they reach. When placed directly on the hair strand for too long or if the temperature is too high, it can cause the individual hair strands to overheat causing the moisture inside to boil burning or damaging the hair.

It’s important to use the curling iron in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and never leave the iron in contact with the hair in one place for more than a few seconds for the best results.

What are curling iron sizes?

This refers to the barrel size and affects the type of curl you can produce. For example, small barrels are ideal for tight ringlets while large barrels are good for loose waves. Some of the most common curling iron sizes include 1-1/2, 1-1/4, 1, and ¾-inch.

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