How to Use a Clipless Curling Iron on Short Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you may have felt on occasions having straight hair would be nice for a change. I know many people with straight hair, like me, often like to add a few curls to give their hair a bit more body and a more glamorous look.

Some people are lucky enough to have hair that responds to simple things, like being left in a braid overnight, to produce curls. But many of us need to use a specialized device to achieve the ultimate look.

Luckily, we can now purchase a variety of curling irons that are specially designed for our individual needs. The clipless Curling Iron has proven to be perfect for using on many hair types, especially short hair, to give it a stylish fuller look.

Short Hair and Curling Issues

Short hairstyles have become extremely popular. The number of women going for this relaxed, casual look is escalating. If you've recently gone short, though, you may now miss the various hairstyle options you used to have. Most hair magazines and new trends tend to be for our long-haired counterparts.

But don't regret your trim. It is definitely not dull, monotonous or restrictive. Just the opposite, a bundle of soft locks reaching your jawline can be a fantastic asset to any look you decide to pull.

But you most likely won't be able to do it without help. Curling irons will give the best results – especially the modern clipless curling iron, which we’ll discuss today. It will be your savior when it comes to getting a short, wavy hairstyle. It is the innovative version of the well-known styling tool to make your hair much more casual and lovely. Bonus points for lessening the heat damage!

What Is a Clipless Curling Iron?

Assuming you're a hairstyle-lover, you have probably owned a curling iron as a critical asset for a while. The bad news is that the clamp on the curling iron appears to be a problem. It may damage your hair, leave a crease in your waves, or create small tears when you pull it.  

The good news is that there's a new type of iron present. A clipless curling iron is a tool which consists of the barrel only. As the name suggests, there's no clip. It aims to provide more carefree, modern looking waves and curls. You should use it when your aim is messy mode and not a slick glamorous look.

The new iron will not cause the clamp damage and you won't get a choppy, uneven style. We know that using heated tools is in general not good for the quality of your hair - but let's lessen the damage while keeping the effect.

Choosing and Using the Clampless Curling Iron

The main difference in operating this type of iron is the temperature. It will get warmer because heat is its primary mechanism. The reason for that is that, since there's no clamp, you achieve the curls by wrapping strands around the barrel itself.

The heat sensitivity is the thing to focus on - you will need to be cautious to avoid burning yourself. That is why you should always buy an iron with adjustable temperature. Plus, if you have fine hair, changing the heat will save you from damage.

Extra advice: if you aim for tiny curls and wrap smaller strands around the barrel, keep the heat low. You don't want to cause temperature damage.

You should consider the size of the barrel as well. Smaller barrels are ideal for shorter styles but will make tighter curls on a long hair. So make sure to get one which matches your desires and the length you have. The key thing to remember – the thinner your barrel is, the tighter the curl will be as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is the material the barrel is made of. Titanium barrel is suitable for everyday use. Some people get a ceramic one, though, because it is considered a healthier option. It will make the results seem that much more shiny and buoyant.

Short Hairstyles and Clampless Curling Iron

Curling short hair is hard. Nonetheless, it will be less of a challenge with this type of iron. Choose a thin barrel, because otherwise, your curls will end up too loose or not stay at all. Don't worry - they won't end up too tight either. All you have to do is wrap larger strands of hair around the barrel.

That's the only thing you really need to focus on when thinking about the perfect clipless curling iron for yourself. That would be the theoretical part. Next, let’s talk about practical things.

How to Curl it?

Now we know how these curlers work. We can choose the perfect one for our short hairdos. Let's next, take a look at a very simple how to. Follow these steps to get the lovely wavy hairstyle yourself - no stylist needed.


This is very important no matter how healthy or strong your hair is. Do not skip it. Apply the product after washing and drying, and comb it to distribute it all over your head.


Depending on the thickness of your hair, you will want to divide it into two or three layers. Separate the top one(s) and clip them on the top of your head. Start the curling at the bottom-most layer. This way you will end up with lush and dense-looking curls.


Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the barrel by rotating the iron. Do not fold the lock all the way to the bottom.


Keep the lock wrapped around for a few seconds (5-10 seconds would be best), and then drop it down. Continue doing this one strand at the time, all the way around your head.


Once the bottom layer is nice and curled, take off the hair clip and release the parts you separated before. Then repeat the process with the top part of your hair.


Wrap, curl, hold, and release the new strands of hair. Keep doing so until your entire hair is styled.


Be very gentle, though. You can do this using your fingers or just by shaking your head. This way, the curls will blend naturally.


When your entire hair is curly, apply a texture spray to the root of your hair and tussle it with your fingers. This will make the texture richer. It will also make them hold for an extended period, particularly if you have soft hair.

And that’s it – very nice and simple, should be done in approximately 10 minutes. Now let us share some pro tips to make this hairstyle even more stylish.

  • Do not curl your ends. When you do it on short hair, it tends to look a bit old-fashioned and too cramped. To avoid this effect, do not wrap your hair around the barrel more than two times.
  •  If the ends do twist anyway - and it tends to happen with short hair -you can change it.

To make it look more loose and effortless, use a straightening iron. Glide it down the ends of your hair softly, and the look you achieve will definitely be less stiff.

  • Curl away from your face. If you do so, it will make the curls much livelier and fuller. It's simple, just twist the curls opposite to your face.
  • Hold every wave when you take the curler away. Take the lock in your hand and hold it up for a few seconds. This helps with gravity pulling it down and makes them stay bouncy for longer.
  • Don't touch the curls, at least while your hair is still hot. Do not comb through it straight away, or you might end up losing your pretty hairstyle to your hair's natural habits.

With the spring coming, the days when long hair was not considered girlish are long gone, the time has come for you to enjoy any hairstyle you want. Do not fear a haircut, but experiment, play and enjoy it. If this persuaded you to get a clipless curling iron yourself, check out this year’s top picks here. If you want further instructions for hair curling, watch this video to get the visuals.

Related Questions

What is the effect of smaller barrels to shorter hairstyles?

Smaller barrels are ideal for shorter styles but will make tighter curls on a long hair. So make sure to get one which matches your desires and the length you have.

What’s the best advice to aiming for tiny curls?

Extra advice: if you aim for tiny curls and wrap smaller strands around the barrel, keep the heat low. You don't want to cause temperature damage.

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