How To Make Curls Last All Day With Thick Hair

Thick hair, long or short, is a blessing and a curse. One struggle for those of us who have thick locks is achieving beautiful curls that last all day. It takes us longer to curl and, after all that time and effort, the weight of our hair pulls the curls out faster than most.

There is a way to tame your mane into holding your curls all day no matter how thick your hair may be. This guide will help you achieve long-lasting curls, even if you have the thickest of hair, using any curling method from curling rods to curlers.

Start with Dirty Hair

Well, not dirty, but not freshly washed either. A good time to curl your locks is two days after cleaning it. Your natural oils can aid in helping curls hold their shape.

We all know that washing our hair everyday dries it out. Even with the best conditioners, our styles look best a day or two after washing it. It's even more true for those with thick hair.

When your hair is thick, it takes longer for your natural oil to disperse. If you are planning on curling your hair, try planning ahead and wash it a few days before the day you want to style it.

If you think your roots are looking a bit too greasy, then a dry shampoo can help you clean them up a bit. The dry shampoo will also aid in maintaining your curls shape all day long– so, bonus!

It Needs To Be Moisturized!

Make sure your hair is ready by applying a deep conditioning mask before you begin curling it. Curls don't hold as well in dry, damaged hair. If your ends are damaged and dry, then you may want to try a moisturizing serum or oil to help them hold those curls!

If you are curling your hair using heat, then it is recommended that you use a product that can help protect against it. If you find you can’t get your curls to hold no matter what you do, then it may be a sign your hair is too dry and damaged and needs some extra T.L.C.

It Has To Be Dry!

There are many ways that you can create curls; a curling iron, overnight curlers, heated curlers, or even braiding it overnight. They all have their benefits, but one thing you need to remember is that wet hair will fall into its natural shape.

So if you are using a heated curling iron then make sure your hair is 100% dry before you begin curling it. Some curling irons can be used on damp locks; however with most, if it’s slightly damp, then a heated iron may do more damage than usual.

If you are using roll-in curlers, then make sure everything is completely dry before you unroll them. Having a thick mane means that it will take longer to dry out, so plan accordingly.

If you are in a hurry or want to speed up the drying process, then you can help things along with a blow dryer, or just sitting outside on a sunny day.

Section It Off

One reason thick hair will lose its curls is the desire to do too much at one time. It’s important to go slow, especially for those of us with thick locks. Don't try to do too much at one time.

Chances are high that if you have thick hair, then you have a vast supply of clips and pins; here's your opportunity to use them. Try sectioning it off, starting at the crown of your head and working your way to the base of your neck.

You can clip each small section of hair on its own. Begin curling the last section first and working your way toward the top. Curl a small amount of hair at a time and don't overcrowd your curling iron or curler, this will help your curls hold longer and keep their shape.

Sectioning things off will also ensure that you get to all your hair. With thicker hair, it is easier to lose track of what you have already curled.

Let It Cool Down

So you’ve finished a curl. Wait; don’t do anything yet. Let your hair cool down before setting it with hairspray or separating and breaking up the curls. Heat means that it’s still susceptible to change. It's best to give your hairstyle time to cool down before moving on to the next step.

Whether you're using curlers or an iron, you can help those curls hold better by using the “cool” air function on your blow dryer. That's what it's actually for, not just for cooling down your face after a hot blow dry. The cool air will aid in setting your hairstyle.

Be Gentle

After you have finished curling and cooling, you may want to break them up a bit by running your fingers through them. It's crucial that you remember to be gentle and slow. Don’t use a comb or a brush.

You can gently tease your curls apart by running your fingers through them then encouraging your curls to bounce my scrunching up your hair from the bottom. Remember that less is more. It's also key that you resist the urge to run your fingers through your hair throughout the day.

Once your curls are perfect and have been set, any further disturbance may cause your curls to fall and straighten out. We all love a new hairstyle, and the urge to touch it is strong, but keep it to a minimum if you want the curls to stay beautiful all day.

Set Those Curls!

So you have finished with curling your thick hair, is everything looking perfect? It's time to set them for the rest of the day. There are a variety of products you can choose, such as hair spray, mousse, and texturizing spray.

The product you use will depend upon the method you used for curling and how soft you want your curls to look and feel. If you are using curlers, then you can apply a soft hold hairspray before you put in the curlers as well as after.

With heated curlers or a curling iron, it might be best for you to find a heat-safe product if you want to use it before you begin curling. A texturizing spray is the perfect finishing touch for any method; it will help your curls hold their shape without weighing everything down.

There are many products for helping set your curls, but it is necessary to maintain your hairstyle in its shape all day.

Related Questions:

How do I curl thick hair with a curling iron?

When curling using an iron or rod, you should work with small sections of hair and wrap it starting from the end and working your way towards your roots. For a more uniform look, try and curl in the same direction each time; counterclockwise or clockwise. If you don't want your curls to go all the way to the top of your head, you should still go a bit farther than expected, especially with longer hairstyles.

How do I curl long hair without heat?

There are a few ways you can get curls without applying heat. You can put your strands in curlers or rags overnight. You can still use curlers if you don’t want to sleep in them, but you will have to let your hair dry in them. The blow dryer can aid in the drying process, or you can sit outside on a warm day. Another method you can use is braiding your hair while it is wet; this creates a soft and pleasant wavy look.

My hair won’t hold curls no matter what I do!

You did everything right, and your hard work still falls flat? It may be that your hair is too dry and damaged to curl correctly. Try some deep conditioning treatments or make an appointment with your hairdresser to try and rehydrate your locks!

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