Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron Review

The main purpose of the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron is to make styling hair easier. All of the materials used to build this curling iron help to retain heat for faster styling. You will also appreciate the look of the unit, as it’s modern and luxurious.

Once you have the chance to use Hot Tools styling tools, you’ll see how they make styles last longer. Consumers mainly consider the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron for salon-quality styles. Even if you’re someone with limited styling experience, their tools are fantastic.

Long-lasting results are just one of the advantages, and protecting your hair is another. With great heat-conduction and even heat-distribution capabilities, you’ll have beautiful, defined curls in no time.

A brand that you are sure to see when looking for high-quality salon equipment is Hot Tools. They are known for their great craftsmanship as well as the awesome hairstyles that their tools provide.

With the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron, you can achieve effortless curls in less time. It boasts a long list of useful features, such as its 24K gold barrel.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Works for thin and thick hair
  • Dual voltage


  • Iron stand gets very hot
  • Ceramic is too smooth

Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron - Buyers Guide

Who Is this Curling Iron for?

The Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron is very versatile. As mentioned, it’s simple enough for everyday people to use, but professional stylists will also enjoy its benefits.

There are a variety of unique features that the wand offers to help achieve luxurious hairstyles every time. The best part is that the curling iron does all of the work for you. If you’re getting ready for a big meeting or a date night, you can reach for your favorite iron.

The only group of people that we wouldn’t recommend the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron to are younger users. Teens might be able to get the hang of curling their hair with professional tools, but younger kids will find it tough to use.

It’s also important to know that the curling iron is slightly more expensive than others on the market. For younger at-home stylists, a less expensive curling iron might be a better option.

What’s Included?

With the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron, you’ll receive the curling wand. We would have preferred to have also received a traveling bag or a heat-resistant glove. This is because you can detach the clamp from the curling iron and use it as a wand.

Overview of the Features

The best features of the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron include:

Superior Heat Conduction

The most notable advantage of this Hot Tools curling iron is its heat-conduction feature. It not only heats up quickly but disperses heat evenly across the entire length of the barrel. This is also thanks to the patented Pulse Technology.

Pulse Technology

Designed for better heat distribution and to give you optimal curls every time, the added Pulse Technology is very useful. It transforms the curling iron into a “smart” curling iron in that any time there is a drop in your set temperature, the curling iron will automatically heat itself up again.

Multiple Heat Settings

You can set this curling iron up to 430°F, and there are plenty of heat settings to choose from. The Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron also features a rheostat control dial.

Soft-touch Handle

For optimal comfort while styling, you will appreciate this curling iron’s soft-touch handle. It also makes this curling wand more ergonomic for professional stylists and at-home stylists alike.

24K Gold Barrel

Last, but not least, this curling iron features a 24K gold barrel. Not only does it make it more luxurious, but it also helps to heat your curls evenly without damaging your hair in the process.

How to Use this Curling Iron

Using the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron is very simple, even if you’ve never used one before. It’s important that you start with a low heat setting to find out what temperature is best for your hair type.

You also need to use a heat protectant or nourishing oil to make sure your hair retains the most moisture even after styling. Once you’re finished styling, you may also want to use an oil to make your hair appear more luscious.

With the one-inch barrel, you’ll be able to achieve either beautiful tight curls or loose beach waves. If you happen to make your curls too tight for your liking, use a brush or your fingers to brush out the curls. Finally, ensure that you finish the look with your favorite hairspray.


The Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron is relatively unmatched in performance. However, there are alternative products to consider if you need something less expensive. Our favorite alternative is the INFINITIPRO by Conair Tourmaline Curling Iron. It performs very well with its nanotechnology.

The most notable feature of the INFINITIPRO is that it prevents as much frizz as possible, even for very frizzy hair. We also appreciated the design of the barrel because it got rid of hot spots and heated up in under 30 seconds.


There’s nothing quite like the Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron. You’ll find that it’s priced very reasonably compared to higher-end brands. Moreover, its 24K gold-plated barrel helps to tame your hair and create seamless curls.

This curling iron is also designed in a way that everyday users and professional stylists can make the most out of it. If you need a curling iron that will perform superiorly, the Hot Tools Professional 1181 might be the thing you are looking for.

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