7 Easy Methods To Curls Without Heat And In An Hour!

Whether you are 12, 30 or 80, most women take pride when it comes to their hair. We do all sorts of things to our hair; we trim, bleach, dye, perm, and straighten to name a few. We tend to spend more time making sure our hair is a priority when it comes to our looks and style.

​A tremendous amount of time and money is invested to achieve gorgeous hair. The long and short of it, women want beautiful hair that’s simple and takes less time to accomplish.

The dilemma most women face is time.  We are too busy; working, going to school or raising a family. Because of this, we often don't have enough time to fix our hair the way we would like. The catch is, we want salon looking results that are quick and easy!

Another problem is the tools available on the market today.  Although they are wonderful in helping us achieve the results we desire, the excessive heat many of these tools offer damage our hair and cause split ends and “falling out”.

What Is the Solution?

You can choose to cut your hair short and have a wash and air-dry look. But if you want curls, then there are a few worthwhile methods used decades ago that are now becoming popular again to help give you those luscious curls.

After considerable digging, I have come up with 7 easy methods to curl your hair without the use of heat.  In most cases, depending on how long and thick your hair is, it takes less than an hour to achieve beautiful results.

With each method you need the following tools to aid you in getting curls:

  • If you want curls in less than an hour and your hair is long, then use a blow dryer on cool setting to speed up the process.
  • Use a quality texturizer to help lock in curls and style to your liking.
  • Use hairspray to slightly dampen the hair. This encourages the curl to set quicker.
  • If you prefer not to use hairspray, then use water, but lightly spray your hair.  Do not over dampen as this will take longer to dry.
  • A comb to help gather the pieces of hair you want to curl. It’s vital to comb through each piece, about 2 inches wide and make sure the pieces of hair are smooth and even.
  • You can control the size of your curls; for a curly look gather smaller amounts of hair for each piece you will curl. For big or for wavy curls gather more hair when separating your pieces.
  • A hair pick is helpful to pick out the curls, as brushing will loosen the curls too much. Or, you can use your fingers to pick and define your curls.
  • Once you have achieved the curls you desire and the style you are happy with, use a finishing spray to lock in the final results.

7 Methods to Curl in Less Than an Hour

1. Twist Curls

  • Comb your hair and part the hair in the center.
  • Take each section you want to curl and twist tightly into a firm coil.
  • Note, that you can decide to twist the left and right side only or twist smaller sections of your hair. It all hedges on the results you want; curly, loose or wavy.
  • Secure each twisted section of hair on the top of your head with a clip. 
  • Repeat
  • Allow your hair to set then remove the clips and style.

2. Pin Curls

The pin curl became popular in the 1930s. This method is an old hat, but a natural way to curl hair. 

  • There are two ways to curl your hair using pins. First, take a section of your hair and wrap it around your finger. You can go all the way up the scalp.
  • Take a pin and slide it through the wrapped curl. This first method will look like you have used a roller.
  • The second method, if you are looking for a tighter-wavy curl, is to wrap the hair around your finger and slide the hair carefully out and pin the curl so it's flat next to the scalp. The curl should look like a snake coiled on your head.
  • Repeat for all the hair you wish to curl.
  • When you’re ready to remove the pins, gently take them out and do not disturb the curls.
  • Finger or comb to the style you desire.

3. Scrunch Curls

  • There are two methods to scrunching. The first is if your hair is a little waving or curly. When scrunching your hair, this will help add volume and definition. Also, it adds bounce and reduces frizz. 
  • Dampen your hair slightly, then use a quality volumizing sculpting or mousse product and gently scrunch the hair using your hands and fingers. Work through the hair until you get the desired look. If you have long hair flip your hair over your head and scrunch for a few minutes.
  • For quicker results and more defined curls, use a blow dryer with a diffuser on the cool setting and place the curls into the diffuser for a few minutes for each section until you get the curl you want.
  • The second method is for those with straight hair. This method adds texture and nice waves.
  • Use a sculpting or mousse product on your hair.
  • Gather your hair on top of your head into a ponytail.
  • Use a scrunchie and twist your hair and wrap it into the scrunchie tightly on top of your head.
  • After an hour take your hair down and you will have soft flowing curls.

4. Velcro Curls

Size does matter when it comes to using Velcro rollers. There are many sizes to choose from. You can pick one size or use several different sizes to create a variety of curls and add volume. It all hedges on the outcome you’re looking for. 

  • Preselect the roller size you want to use.
  • You will need clips to help secure the rollers.
  • Section your hair and use a strong hold hairspray on each section.
  • Roll up your hair and pin it.
  • Once your hair is completely in the Velcro rollers, spray again.
  • You can speed up the drying process using a blow dryer on a cool setting.
  • When ready, gently roll out the hair being careful not disturb the curls.
  • Spray your hair again, then wait a few minutes and style with a pick or   use your fingers.

5. Foam Roller Curls

  • Foam rollers are handy to use because they soak up, dampened hair quicker. So, if you plan to wash and towel dry your hair prior to curling it, foam rollers are the best option. 
  • The bigger the roller the bigger the curl. Smaller size rollers will give you a tighter curl.
  • When using different sizes of foam rollers it is usual to place the larger rollers toward the bottom of your head, the medium in the middle and the smaller rollers at the top of your head. This will help give a more natural look and makes styling creative and fun.
  • Separate your sections, roll it and clip them.
  • Repeat the step.
  • Remove the rollers gently and style.

6. Headband Curls

  • Slip a stretchy headband around your head. Make sure that the band stays in place, if it moves, then position it back. You may need to use some clips to keep the headband from moving.
  • Take a section of your hair and pull it through the band once.
  • Take another section of hair along with the hair you previously pulled through and repeat this until all the hair has been completely wrapped throughout the head.
  • If you want a tighter curl, use a smaller section of hair.
  • Spray your banded hair.
  • Use a blow dryer on cool setting to speed the drying process.
  • When you are ready to remove the headband, do so gently and carefully release your curls and style.

7. Cloth Curl

  • Cut a cloth from either an old tee shirt or tea towel into strips. The length of your hair would determine how long the strips should be. Once you have the perfect length, cut the rest of the cloth the same length. You can also use socks instead of cloth.
  • Keep in mind that the thinner the strip, the tighter the curls.
  • Take a section of your hair and roll the strip and the hair upwards all the way to your scalp. Be sure to roll your hair inward toward your neck; this causes your curls to turn inwards for a more natural look.
  • Tie each strip to hold your hair into place.
  • Repeat until your hair is all tied up.
  • Before removing the strips, make sure your hair has dried completely.

The Benefits of Curling Hair

  • Your hair achieves more volume with a natural look of curls and waves.
  • Less styling effort is needed. You get beautiful waves and curls as well as a fresh new look in accordance with the curl diameters you decide ahead of time.
  • When eliminating harsh heating tools and excessive brushing you will reduce hair fall out. 
  • Eliminate ugly ponytail and hairpin marks when you curl your hair instead.
  • You can choose tight curls, loose curls or wavy curls. Styling is more fun when you have options!

Drawbacks When Using Heat

  • Split Ends – Heat by curling irons promotes split ends. 
  • Hair Loss (Falling Out) – Excessive heat weakens your hair and causes falling out. This is why you see strands of hair on the floor where you are styling.
  • Hair loses its Sheen –Extreme heat leads to dull, lifeless hair, as the shine is gone.
  • Brittle and Rough Hair – Too much styling can lead to brittle and coarse hair. This too causes split ends and falling out.
  • You can reduce these problems when curling your hair using the no heat methods listed above. So, the next time you want beautiful curls, try our curling methods and enjoy your beautiful self!

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